Mission Statement

We are committed to providing outstanding cleaning preservation solutions in the most enviromentally friendly and non-toxic manner available.  We will conduct all of our affairs in line with our core values.

We believe we have responsibilities to our three key stakeholders.


We will provide our clients with high quality, innovative, and valuable products that meet their needs within the agreed delivery time frame.  In return for our excellent service, we expect loyalty, feedback, payment within agreed trading terms and client referrals.


We consider that our team members are the foundation of our business.  We will ensure a safe and orderly workplace by implementing effective procedures and systems.  We will ensure that their livelihoods are secure, and that their work is challenging and enjoyable.  Remuneration will be equitable, and linked to the success of the company.  Growth will be provided by promoting from within wherever possible, and will be based on performance and equal opportunity for all.  We will provide access to the best affordable technologies for them to carry out their work, and training and guidance for their development.

We expect that our team will be fully committed to our vision, mission, core values and the strict application of our systems and processes.  We expect that they will have a desire to achieve, learn and be developed and apply themselves to all allocated tasks.


We will respect all our relationships, honouring our suppliers commitment to us with loyalty and adherence to payment terms. We will provide them with regular feedback, and give them every opportunity to share in our success.  In return we expect reliable, high quality products and support, prompt deliveries, regular feedback, innovation and competitive prices.


The company must make a sound profit, as well as plan for the future.  We acknowledge that the wealth and security of investment of our shareholders are some of the measures of our success.  In return, we expect strong leadership and constantly renewed direction to ensure the security and growth of the company in an ever changing world.

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