SDI International makes chemical cleaning products for the transport, paint, concrete, screen printing and contract cleaning markets. We have been established for nearly 10 years and we are located in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.

We are now looking to expand into the NSW and Queensland markets, by recruiting sales agents.

What we are looking for in an agent:

  • You have the drive to succeed in your own business.
  • You already have extensive experience / contacts in one of the above industries
  • You know enough about your industry to have input into product development
  • You can generate SDI sales of at least $200,000.00 pa within 12 months
  • You are honest and ethical.

We want to give the people we select the best possible chance of success, so we are only looking to recruit 2 agents per industry category per State.

Want to talk? Simply call (03) 9768 3368 and speak with Chris White - Managing Director.

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