Need to clean up around the house or factory? Simply look in our Domestech range - we have it all, Air Fresheners, Automatic Dishwashing Liquid and Powder, Bleach, Chloroclean, Citrus Cleaner, Crème Cleanser, Dishwashing Liquid, Disinfectant, Fabric Softener, Glass Cleaner, Laundry Liquid, Laundry Powder, Multi Purpose Anti Bacterial Cleaner, Oven & BBQ Cleaner, Rinse Aid, Saniclean, Shower Gel, Solvit and Wool Wash. For keeping hands clean our range includes Grime Buster, Grime Go Poly, Liquid Hand Cleaner and Soft and Mild Liquid Soap. We also manufacture a complete range of Low Allergy protects which contain no colours or perfumes suitable for people with allergies.

Air Freshener

Air Freshener is a deoderiser with a distinctive scent, it also has an added disinfectant to kill the bacteria that causes bad odours.

Ammoniated All Purpose Cleaner

Biodegradable - Concentrated Cleaner - Cleans All Hard SurfacesA high quality versatile cleaner designed for full strength use on greasy surfaces and hard to remove dirt and grime. May be di...

Antiseptic Hand Gel

Antiseptic  Hand Gel kills 99.9% of germs on contact with skin, with no need for water.

Antiseptic Hand Wash

Antiseptic Hand Wash is fast acting, antibacterial liquid which needs no water and kills 99.9% of germs on the skin.

Auto Dishwashing Liquid - Liquadish

Liquadish is a heavy duty chlorinated alkaline cleaner specially designed for all types of automatic dishwashing machines.  It contains loa foam surfactants for a streak free finish.

Auto Dishwashing Powder

Suitable for all types of machines and temperature settings, gentle tomalamine, crystal and wooden utensils.  Does not contain chlorine bleach.  Fully biodegradable.


A commercial grade bleach , suitable for laundry, toilet, and any application requiring the positive cleaning power of a high grade bleach.

Body Wash Shower Gel

Body Wash Shower Gel is a mildly fragrant cleansing gel for whole of body.


Chloroclean is a powerful chlorine detergent which disinfects, bleaches and cleans in one action.  It is good for all tiled areas, fridges and coolrooms, shower rooms, toilets and for removing mo...

Citrus Cleaner

Citrus cleaner is a multi purpose cleaner which can be used for benchtops,cupboards, floors etc.  It leaves a pleasant citrus smell.

Cream Cleanser

An ideal cleaner for fiberglass such as boats, caravans etc. The ideal cleaner for stainless steel, porcelain and white applications, is gentle and will not scratch laminated surfaces. Removes grea...

Dishwashing Liquid

A premium quality specially formulated for hand washing of dishes, crockery and glasses. With a balance detergent formulation to leave dishes streak free, biodegradable and gentle on hands.


All disinfectants contain quaternary ammonium compounds and synergisers that are capable of killing both gram positive and gram negative organisms, thus efficiently disinfecting all surfaces.  Av...

Dry Foam Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

For use in household and industrial carpet cleaning machines. Just dilute 1 part dry foam to 32 parts water and add to machine. For heavy soiled areas add neat dry foam to a damp clean "Wettex" or ...

Fabric Softener

A concentrated quality product designed to soften fabrics, reduce static electricity (cling) in synthetics and for ease when ironing. This product is readily dispersable in hot or cold water, leavi...

Glass Cleaner

A high quality product that cleans glass, leaving a clear streak free finish. Also cleans stainless steel, plastics and laminated surfaces.

Grime Buster

A pure soap based product containing polybeads. For the removal of ingrained grease oil and other difficult to remove soil from hands. The product is designed for tradespeople in the automotive, el...

Grime Go Poly

Grime Go Poly is a solvent based, fast acting hand cleaner which remove grease and grime from hands without the need for water.

Laundry Powder - Concentrated

Concentrated Laundry Powder is specially formulated to give excellent results in both hot orcold water and has a pleasant lemon fragrance.

Laundry Powder - Premium

Highly concentrated biodegradable laundry powder with no added fillers, designed for household and industrial laundries. They are suitable for top loading and front loading machines. Containin...

Laundry Powder - Safe

Safe Laundry Powder is phosphate free and therefore suitable for recycling grey water onto the garden.  Is gentle on clothes and has a pleasant fragrance.

Lens Cleaner

Lens Cleaner as the name suggests is suitable for cleaning all types of spectacles/glasses.  Not suitable for contact lenses.

Liquid Hand Cleaner

A non solvent based hand cleanser for heavily soiled hands with the added benefit of eucalpytus oil which readily removes grease, oil, fats etc from hands. Formulated for those who prefer a liquid ...

Liquid Laundry Detergent

A fully biodegradable, highly active concentrated liquid detergent for use in all machine wash applications. Kind to fabrics it provides a cleaner brighter wash with a subtle Fresh Linen fragrance,...

Multi Clean

Multi Clean is a general purpose cleaner which is excellent for restaurants and takeaway food outlets.  Multi Clean cleans walls, floors and stainless steel.  It can be used to clean greasey...

Multi Purpose 2000

A high quality exceptional cleaner. Low foam heavy-duty detergent specially formulated for food processing areas, dairies, restaurants and fast food outlets. Cleans all equipment, floors, walls and...

Multi Purpose Spray & Wipe

A specially formulated biodegradable balanced blend of silver ion antibacterial water, surface active agents, emulsifiers, detergent builders and a non-toxic solvent. Ideal for use in kitchens...

Nappy Wash

This product is safe to use on all fabrics except silk or wool. The product contains an oxygen donor which imparts sanitising, whitening, brighteners and deodorisers. Great for soaking soiled sport...

No Rinse Sanitiser

No Rinse Sanitiser is suitable for all food preparation areas, kills pathogens/germs with one application.  No need to rinse.

Oven & BBQ Cleaner

A powerful non-solvent alkaline / caustic formulated to remove burnt on grease and carbon from ovens, hotplates and BBQ grills. Due care must be exercised in the application and use of this product...

Pre Wash

Pre Wash is suitable for spraying onto soiled/greasy clothing before washing.  Highly effective on blood and grease which has not previouly been washed.

Rinse Aid

This product is formulated to be used in conjunction with Machine Dishwasher Powder, especially in hard water areas, and provides a spot free wash. It assists in the removal of residual and su...


Saniclean can be used for cleaning and disinfecting toilet bowls, urinals and bathroom surfaces.  Saniclean effectively removes urine stains and encrustations, body fats and soap scales, lime sca...

Soft & Mild Hand Wash

 This wonderful biodegradable hand wash, softly cleans the hands, leaving them with lingering clean fragrance. It is non irritating to the skin and will assist in softening the hands after using ...


Solvit is a degreasing, water soluble, all purpose safety cleaner.  Can be used on linoleum and rubber tiles, wash basins, tubs, toilet bowls, walls and wood work, and can also be used for wax st...

Toilet & Shower Recess Sanitiser

Disinfects, Deodorizes, Mould Destroyer, Stain Remover,  Chlorine free.This product contains Phosphoric Acid and a balanced blend of emulisifiers and wetting agents and is especially fo...

Wool Wash

A high quality biodegradable product rich in natural oil of eucalyptus. This product is specifically formulated to wash all woollens leaving them soft and pliant. Can be used for either hand or mac...


Domestech hair shampoo uses the best ingredients, formulated to gently clean the hair, leaving it healthy, manageable and shiny. It has a pH level of approximately 5.5 which enables the hair to be ...


This product is formulated to work with Domestech Hair Shampoo and complete the hair care, leaving it soft and tangle free.

Low Allergy

Our range of Low Allergy products are free from perfumes and colours, making them ideal for allergy sufferers and with sensitive skin.
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