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   Auto Dash
Auto Dash is a unique product which provides a protective coating and leaves a pleasant fragrance to the internal vinyl and rubber surfaces of motor vehicles.
   Auto Transmission Treatment
Autotech Auto Transmission is a unique formulation that intergrates with all types of AT fluids and brands. The introduction of the product to the automatic transmission will revitalise seals, reduce heat load, dissolve gum and varnish build up and prevent fluid oxidation. While the transmission is under load it will prevent fluid foaming, thus reducing power loss.
   Brake Cleaner
A fast drying solvent based brake cleaner, suitable for all brake applications.
   Car Wash

Non alkaline formula gentle on paintwork.

Leaves a free rinsing lustrous streak free finish. The product will not discolour paint or affect chrome or rubber extrusions.

Carby Cleaner Spray
A fast effective spray which removes build up of carbon within carburettors.
   Curtain/Tautliner Cleaner
A fast acting high foam cleaning agent with built in inhibitiors to resist build up of road grime and exhaust soot.
Degreaser - Black Magic
Black Magic is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner for removal of stubborn oil and greasy deposits.  Suitable for engine degreasing, workshop floor cleaning etc.
   Degreaser - Caustic
Caustic Degreaser is a highly concentrated, effective alkaline cleaner for removing oil and grease.
   Degreaser - Power Clean Deg 12
Power Clean Deg 12 is a powerful, non caustic alkaline degreaser and cleaner which powers through dirt, grease and baked on grime.  Excellent for cleaning floors and general purpose cleaning.
   Degreaser - Premium
Premium Degreaser is a bio degradable, high quality degreaser, formulated to degrease, soiled engines, equipment and oil stains.  It will cut through grease and oil then while emulsified may be washed away with water.
   Degreaser - Solvent
Solvent Degreaser is a blend of solvents for the removal of wax coatings on new vehicles and the removal of grease and oil from engines and parts etc.  Will not damage aluminium parts.
   Degreaser - Strip Off
Strip Off Degreaser is a highly concentrated cleaner for removing oil and grease.  Strongly alkaline.
   Degreaser - Stripper Plus
Stripper Plus is a super strength, caustic based alkaline degreaser, effective for degreasing heavily soiled engines and machinery.
   De Watering Agent
De Watering Agent is a lubricant which penetrates and protects.  It can be used on bicycles, motors, chains, cable, sprockets and hubs.  Frees rusty nuts and bolts, inhibits rust and corrosion displaces dirt and water.  Also useful in marine applications, on shackles, locks, hatches, bearings, winches and hinges.
   Engine Coolant - Red - Long Life

Is an engine coolant free of Nitrite, phosphate, an Amine especially developed for passenger cars and heavy vehicles against corrosion and other damage caused by extremes of temperature. It is suitable for engines of both ferrous and aluminium alloy construction.

The product contains a blend of special inhibitors that increase the service life beyond that of conventional engine coolants.

Engine Coolant - V Series - Green
Engine Flush
A highly effective engine flush whichwill remove build up and sludge from motors.
   Fuel Conditioner

Autotech Fuel CONDITIONER has the following advantages:

  • Treats all fuels
  • Treatment ratio 1:4000 or 25 mls treats 100 litres
  • Substantial fuel savings - Absorbs water from fuel systems
  • Eliminates Cladisporium Resinae (THE BUG) and fungal growths
  • Dissolves wax, tar, gum, sulphur and varnish deposits, then inhibits them from recurring
  • Provides smoother running and performance
  • Dissolves carbon deposits and reduces emissions

Fuel Conditioner Notes.doc

   Gear Lube
Autotech Gear Lube: This "Moly" formulated product intergrates with any viscosity of SAE Gear Oil. No mixing or agitation is required as the "Moly" is suspended in a colloid providing adhesive and cohesive lubricant beyond normal lubes.
   High Performance Grease
High Performance Grease is formulated using the unique properties of "Moly" to provide a grease that will ensure full lubrication in extreme conditions of heat and pressure as well as providing protection against the break down of greases in extreme cold. Suspended in the grease the Moly will plate out providing an almost frictionless working surface. Prevents metal to metal contact which causes most wear and "hot spot" problems.
   Hydraulic Fluid Conditioner
This product has been specially formulated to prevent the problems that normally cause shut down of equipment such as wear, heat, oxidation, cavitation and leaks. The product integrates instantly when added to the hydraulic fluid at normal operating temperatures. It should be used when the ultimate in shear stability and performance over a wide temperature range is required.
   Interior Clean
A non silicone based high quality interior protection product formulated to protect and preserve all automotive vinyl, leather and rubber fittings. Ideal for dashboards, trims, upholstery and interior fittings. Protects against hardening and cracking caused by exposure, keeps vinyls and synthetic surfaces protected and removes grime and dirt.
   Lower Engine Treatment
Autotech Lower Engine Treatment is a specially formulated "Moly" oil blend designed to be added to all grades of SAE-API rated oil it will double the lubricity of the oil in the crankcase providing lubrication standards beyond normal oil specifications. You will find an oil analysis can save thousands of dollars in oil, downtime and repairs if used as a regular part of your preventative maintenance program. Oil analysis facilities are available as an intergral part of the Autotech Engine Treatment program.
   Mag Wheel
Mag Wheel Cleaner reoves oxidation, cleans and brightens aluminium in one treatment.  It is an excellent treatment for alloy wheels.
Parts Washer
A fast acting non flammable solvent parts washer for use in a bath situation.
A fast acting, grease and tar removal that will not damage paint work.
   Solvent Black

A quick drying, high shine black suitable for all exterior rubber such as tyres, mud flaps etc.  Not to be used inside vehicles.

Trojan Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
Trojan is a high performance detergent that contains fabric safe solvents, fabric softeners and optical brightener and an anti bacterial agent.  Trojan can be used as a pre-spray and/or added to the tank of steam cleaners.
   Truck Wash - Access

Truck wash is suitable for manual and automatic washing.  It is a heavy duty detergent while being mild on duco and paint work.  It has excellent grime penetration and is free rinsing.

Tyre Gloss - Silicone
Tyre Gloss is a blend of silicones and solvents which cleans and leaves a protective coating on tyres, bumpers and all exterior rubber trim.  Not to be used on interior surfaces.
   Wash & Shine
A high quality wash with excellent dirt removing properties free rinsing, leaving a water beading shine.
   PM2 Upper
is formulated to provide surface and below surface lubrication of the upper cylinder components of the engine. This blend does not require any physical mixing and will blend with any type of fuel used by the combustion engine.


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