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Bilge Cleaner

Bilge Cleaner is a biodegradable product which may be applied neat by spray or brush to the area required to be cleaned.  The bilge cleaner will cut through any grease or oil in the bilges.   Being full biodegradable, the emulsified grease and oils will be washed away with water.


Hull Cleaner

Hull Cleaner is a fully built heavy detergent formulated to clean exhaust carbon and grime from the hull of all tyes of boats.

It is a free rinsing product leaving a lustrous streak free finish.  The product wil not discolour paint or affect chrome or rubber mouldings.

Suitable for all finishes.


   Interior Finish

A high quality interior protection product formulated to protect and preserve all marine vinyl, leather and rubber fittings.  Ideal for dashboards, trims, upholstery and interior fittings.  Protects against hardening and cracking caused by exposure. Keeps vinyls and synthetic surfaces protected and removes grime and dirt.  The product may be applied by spray or soft clean cloth and polished to a lustrous finish when dry.



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